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How do I know if the Comfort Cool® 
UlnarboosterTM wrist splint is the right one for me?
  • Have you been diagnosed with ulnar sided wrist pain, TFCC problems, or a midcarpal instability?
  •  The image at the right shows an easy test to see if the Ulnar BoosterTM wrist splint will work for you.  
  • Place your index finger over the large bone on the pinky side of the wrist (ulnar styloid) and your thumb on the small bone on the pinky side of the palm just above the crease in the wrist (pisiform). Squeeze with both fingers at the same time to boost the ulnar wrist bones and depress the ulnar styloid.
  •  You can also hold this position and rotate the forearm palm up and down while compressing the bones.  If your pain is less while holding this position, the Ulnar BoosterTM may be right for you. 

What is ulnar sided wrist pain?

Ulnar sided wrist pain is pain on the pinky side of the wrist. 
  • Pain in this area after wrist fracture
  • Pain while doing motions requiring twisting of the forearm or repeated movement of the wrist toward the pinky side. (shoveling or hammering) 
  • It can slowly develop or happen when a pop or sharp pain is noted while using the wrist.
NOTE:  If you have numbness or tingling in the pinky or ring finger the UlnarboosterTM is NOT for you
**We recommend that you have your pain evaluated by a qualified professional such as your orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, occupational therapist, hand therapist, or athletic trainer due to the many issues that can be causing pain on the ulnar side of the wrist.